Trixie Cat Car Harness - Red

Trixie Cat Car Harness - Red
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Brand: Trixie
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The Trixie Cat Car Harness protects you and your pet in the car, whether you’re on a longer journey or just on a trip to the vet. The lead is designed to prevent your cat from jumping out of an open window or door and plugs securely into the car’s own safety belt clip. The Trixie Cat Car Harness is completely adjustable and is padded at the chest for your cat’s comfort and safety. The harness can also be used for taking your cat for walks, by attaching a longer cat lead. Trixie Cat Car Harness at a glance: Car Harness suitable for all cat breeds Completely adjustable short lead: with carabiner clip and car seat belt clip (compatible with almost all car manufacturers’ seat belt clips) Optimal fit: Completely adjustable harness that can be sized to fit at the neck and abdomen, with click lock fastening Extra padding at the chest and abdomen Prevents the cat from jumping out of an open window or door Also suitable for use outside the car, for taking your cat for a walk (Cat lead available to order separately) Easy to put on and take off Materials: Harness and short lead: 100% Nylon Click fastening: Plastic Car seat belt attachment: Metal Dimensions: Harness: Chest circumference: 31-48 cm Neck circumference: 23-32 cm Strap width: 15mm Abdomen strap length: 13.5cm Back strap length: 3cm Short lead ajusts from 25-40 cm (plus seat belt clip) Care instructions: Harness washable at 30°C Please note: If you are using the harness in the front passenger seat, please ensure that you turn off the passenger airbag. Ideally your cat should travel on the rear passenger seat. Important: Before ordering please compare your car’s seat belt clips with the one pictured. You should ensure that these are identical in size and shape before placing your order. Please note: Trixie Cat Car Harness only keeps your cat in place - and does not guarantee safety in case of an auto accident. We recommend checking the size and shape of the clip the first time you use the Trixie Cat Car Harness in a particular vehicle, and to compare it to the car’s own seat belt.