Wolf of Wilderness Economy Pack 2 x 12kg - NEW: Adult "Ruby Midnight" - Beef & Rabbit

Wolf of Wilderness Economy Pack 2 x 12kg - NEW: Adult "Ruby Midnight" - Beef & Rabbit
Categories: Small pets, Rabbit
Brand: Wolf of Wilderness
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Wolf of Wilderness dry dog food at a glance: 100% grain-free recipe High meat content Lots of fresh meat (min. 40%), easy to digest, well accepted Enriched with fruits of the forest (mixed berries), wild herbs and roots Suitable for dogs with grain allergies Made in Germany No artificial preservatives, colours or aromas Wolf of Wilderness dry dog food is made with a high meat content which provides valuable animal protein so you know that you are feeding your dog with a species appropriate diet. The premium quality ingredients provide your trusty pet with a tasty, natural meal. This delicious kibble is well accepted and suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities.Many believe that the domesticated dog originates from the wolf, so its diet in the wild would be mainly carnivorous with some fruit, herbs and botanicals. Research into the wolves’ natural eating habits shows that their diet consists of mostly meat and some berries, wild herbs and roots. This diet has remained unchanged throughout the course of evolution. The flavoursome dry food reflects the wolf’s natural diet. It is well accepted, easy to digest and provides your pet with a balanced nutrient uptake. Wolf of Wilderness is rich in pure meat; the only other ingredients are fruits of the forest (mixed berries), wild herbs and roots. It has a low carbohydrate content since a wild wolf rarely consumes carbohydrates in its natural habitat. It is grain free and the only source of carbohydrates and roughage is potatoes which are fat free and packed with important trace elements and fibre. Dried berries, herbs and roots provide important minerals as well as secondary plant matter. The Economy Packs are available in lots of different varieties. “Sunny Glade” Venison: Juicy venison has a rich flavour which dogs find irresistible. They can convert it into important protein. Game and fresh chicken are both low in fat and easy to digest. “Blue River” Salmon: A really delicious mix of fresh chicken and great tasting, nutritious salmon. It is rich in essential fatty acid and easy to digest. All dogs, no matter which breed or size love fresh chicken and it is well accepted. –> Wolf of Wilderness is a nutritious complete dry food for dogs of all sizes and breeds. More information about the individual varieties, including ingredients and feeding guides, can be found here: Wolf of Wilderness Dry Dog Food Wolf of Wilderness - Wild and Free! Please note: Articles 480756.13, 480756.16 and 480756.28 are not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.