Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay - 4kg

Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay - 4kg
Categories: Small petsGuinea PigRabbit
Brand: Vilmie
9.99 GBP
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Hay is an important staple food for your small pet and Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay should be part of any rabbit or guinea pig’s diet. It contains plenty of healthy, leafy plants and herbs which are packed full of vital nutrients. Fresh hay has a high fibre content which helps to keep your small pet’s digestive system healthy. It also has an abrasive effect on your pet’s teeth and helps to keep them short. Your pet should always have plenty of hay available. A top-quality product at a fair price; Vilmie Mountain Meadow Hay is made from loosely packed, fragrant hay. Vilmie - for happy small pets! Please note: Meadow hay is a natural, untreated product that varies with the season and the weather conditions. Varying shades of green, yellow stalks or a paler colour are not signs of inferior quality. Good hay can be distinguished by smell and consistency. Quality hay will smell fresh and pleasant and will include very few, if any, hard, coarse plant components. As hay is a natural product, consistency may vary with the season. Please note: Article 277413.4 is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.