180g Wolf of Wilderness Wild Bites Dog Snacks - Special Price!* - "Wide Acres" - Chicken (180g)

180g Wolf of Wilderness Wild Bites Dog Snacks - Special Price!* - "Wide Acres" - Chicken (180g)
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Brand: Wolf of Wilderness
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This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 737110.xx (.xx = variant identifier). Wolf of Wilderness Wild Bites Dog Snacks are delicious, species appropriate dog snacks, made with lots of fresh lamb, chicken, duck or beef meat and wild herbs. They are grain-free and made using only one source of animal protein. They are completely natural and made without artificial colours or preservatives. These meat snacks are well accepted and enjoyed by dogs. They are also a great way to keep your dog amused while cleaning its teeth and strengthening its jaw muscles. They make a great snack between meals or a tasty reward when training your dog. The listed variants in this offer are: “Green Fields” Lamb - Meaty all-natural chews made with tasty lamb, they are grain-free with no sugar, artificial preservatives or colours. These delicious treats are easy to digest and a tasty snack. “Wide Acres” - Chicken - Delicious chicken dog snacks made with fresh chicken and wild herbs. These species-appropriate treats are grain-free so they are suitable for dogs with nutritional allergies. “High Valley” - Beef -Completely natural beef dog snacks, made with hearty beef and enriched with herbs. They contain only one sort of meat and are well accepted, even by dogs with nutritional issues. “Wild Hills” - Duck - Grain-free dog snacks made with tender duck and wild herbs. These tasty treats are well accepted, even by sensitive dogs. They are free from sugar and all artificial additives. The Taste of Canada - Grain-free dog treats based on the wolf’s natural feeding habits in Canada, they are made with beef, cod, turkey and cranberries. Easy to digest and suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities. The Taste of the Mediterranean - Chewy dog snacks based on the natural diet of the wild wolf in the Mediterranean, the treats are grain-free and made with lamb, trout chicken. Highly digestible, species-appropriate and very tasty. The Taste of Scandinavia - Species-appropriate, grain-free dog snacks made with salmon, reindeer and chicken, these treats are inspired by the wolf’s natural feeding habits in Scandinavia. They also support good dental hygiene. Junior “Green Fields” - Lamb Chicken - Grain-free snack for puppies and all dogs that are young at heart and love little treats. Made with lots of meat and offal, tender chicken and tasty sweet potatoes, they make ideal training rewards. Junior “Leafy Willows” - Veal Chicken - Tasty little treats made with veal chicken and nutritious sweet potatoes, these snacks are perfect when training and encourage your puppy to learn. They also help to support healthy teeth and gums. Senior “Meadow Grounds” Rabbit Chicken - Grain-free snacks for senior dogs . These moreish treats are made with lots of prey-typical meat and offal, tender chicken and nutritious sweet potatoes. They are a great size for easy chewing. Senior “High Valley” - Beef Chicken - Tasty dog snacks made with lots of meat and…