24 x 400g Wild Freedom Wet Cat Food - £5 Off!* - Golden Valley - Rabbit & Chicken

24 x 400g Wild Freedom Wet Cat Food - £5 Off!* - Golden Valley - Rabbit & Chicken
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Brand: Wild Freedom
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This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 1217184.xx (.xx = variant identifier). Wild Freedom Adult wet cat food is a meat-rich, species appropriate food for fully-grown cats. The modern, tame cat that is a member of your family has evolved from the wild cat, and even though it has been domesticated for thousands of years, it still retains the predator instincts of its ancestors. Domesticated cats are obligate carnivores, in other words they need to eat meat to survive. It is important to give them a diet with lots of healthy, protein-rich meat which provides them with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Wild Freedom is committed to producing a tasty food that appeals to your cat’s natural instincts and is based on the wild cat’s eating habits in the wild. Wild Freedom Adult wet cat food is a wholesome wet food formulated specifically for adult cats. It is made with lots of healthy meat. The total meat content which includes lean muscle meat comes to 98%. This nutritious combination of easy to digest animal protein and fats is well accepted and tolerated, even by picky cats. Cats do not eat grain in the wild so Wild Freedom cat food is completely grain-free. It is species-appropriate, packed with vital nutrients and tastes delicious. Wild Freedom wet cat food is available in the following varieties: Wide Country - Pure Chicken: Mono-protein food made using only chicken. Very tasty and well accepted Cold River - Pollock Chicken: A delicious combination of fish and poultry and a good source of easy to digest protein and fat Green Lands - Lamb Chicken: Your cat will love this flavoursome lamb with juicy chicken combo. It is rich in taste, healthy and irresistible Golden Valley - Rabbit Chicken: Tender rabbit and juicy chicken - a digestible and very palatable combination Deep Forest - Game Chicken: A hearty composition of juicy game meat and tender chicken. A great source of top quality protein and very well accepted Farmlands - Beef Chicken: Tender beef combined with delicious chicken for a tasty, easy to digest meal Wild Hills - Duck Chicken: Tasty duck with juicy chicken, full of vital, great-tasting protein The mixed pack contains: 8 x Pure Chicken 4 x Game Chicken 4 x Rabbit Chicken 4 x Lamb Chicken 4 x Pollock Chicken Wild Freedom Premium cat food at a glance: Balanced, complete wet food for adult cats 100 % grain-free Excellent source of top quality protein Total meat content including lean muscle meat: 98 % Gently prepared Free from artificial preservatives, aromas and colours Lactose and gluten-free Wild Freedom is a premium, complete wet cat food inspired by your cat’s natural instincts. It provides your cat with a delicious, species-appropriate nutrition and is suitable for adult cats of all breeds. More information about the individual varieties, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here: Wild Freedom Wet Cat Food * Special offer items have limited…