Trixie Valerian Spray - 175ml

Trixie Valerian Spray - 175ml
Categories: Cat, Cat Toys
Brand: Trixie
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This Valerian Spray by Trixie is a great way to improve your cat’s well-being. It contains the intense aroma of natural valerian root, which has a stimulating effect on your cat. Spraying items, such as cat toys, with this product will make them even more appealing to your pet. Lured in by the irresistible scent, your cat will become excited to play or will start snuggling or rubbing its head lovingly against the sprayed object. The invigorating and intoxicating effect improves your cat’s well-being and helps to keep its spirits high. Using the valerian spray during visits to the vet and in other particularly stressful situations can provide a positive distraction for your pet. Trixie Valerian Spray at a glance: Cat spray with natural valerian plant extract Stimulating scent: valerian is irresistible for cats Invigorating, intoxicating effect: for improved well-being, high spirits and lower inhibitions Enticing aroma: items sprayed with valerian are always well-received Stimulates your cat’s natural instincts to play Without alcohol and glycol Spray bottle Volume: 175ml Recommendations for use: Shake well before use. Spray on blankets, toys, cat trees and other items for playtime and snuggling. Due to its intoxicating effect, the spray should not be used more than once or twice a week to prevent overstimulation. Please do not spray directly onto your cat. Safety instructions: Keep away from children. Only use in accordance with the recommendations for use.