Fox and Mouse Catnip Toy Set - Set of 2

Fox and Mouse Catnip Toy Set - Set of 2
Categories: Cat, Small pets, Cat Toys, Mouse
Brand: zooplus Exclusive
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Why should you and your cat be content with just one toy when you can have two? This set with a cute mouse and a fox dressed in a winter outfit will encourage your kitty to snuggle up as well as to play - perfect for cats that love a good cuddle. Both toys are filled with catnip and the scent has a magic effect on cats and draws them in to play with the toys. The fluffy and soft material will have your cat nestling up affectionately to these toys. The mouse has a long tail and crackling foil that will also encourage your cat to play. The fox has a winter jacket and striped scarf that give him an eye-catching style. Both faces are embroidered and have no parts that could be swallowed so you won’t have to worry about your cat as it plays and snuggles up. Fox and Mouse Catnip Toy Set at a glance: Set of 2 fluffy toys for cats Soft toys in the shape of a fox and a mouse Catnip inside both toys: encourages your cat to nestle up and to play, is alluring to cats Crackling foil: the mouse rustles at the slightest touch, gets cats playing Stitched eyes and nose: no small pieces to swallow Long tail and sides with patterned fabric Soft and fluffy body: for curling up with Cute winter outfit: fox in brown jacket and striped scarf Colour: red/ grey Material: polyester, approx. 3g catnip each Dimensions: 19 x 9 x 5cm (L x W x H) each Please note: As with any product, you should supervise your pet when it plays with this toy. Please inspect the toy for damage regularly and replace it if it is broken or any parts are missing so as to avoid potential injury to your pet.