Mesh Crackle Balls Cat Toy - 4 Balls

Mesh Crackle Balls Cat Toy - 4 Balls
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Brand: zooplus Exclusive
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What’s better than a shiny play ball that crackles merrily? The Mesh Crackle Balls are a set of 4 shiny, rustling balls that is great for chasing, hunting and playing with. The play balls are made of light-reflecting foil and come in festive colours. They have a very low weight and can can be thrown around and pushed across the floor easily. Thanks to their uneven surfaces and mesh fabric they are easy for cats to grip with their teeth and paws. Mesh Crackle Balls Cat Toy at a glance: Rustling play balls for cats, made of crackling foil Festive colours: with glittering colours, perfect for chasing, catching and playing Light-reflecting rustling foil: in gold or silver, stimulates your cat’s eyes and ears as they play Uneven surface, easy to grip Especially light, balls can be pushed and batted far, ideal for exciting hunting games Great as a small gift for pets Delivery contents: 4 balls in a set Colour: gold/green/red or silver/green/red (colours not freely selectable) Material: polyester, PET film Size: approx. 4cm diameter Note: As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. To avoid discolouration, keep the toy away from moisture. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.