Catit Design Senses Illuminated Balls - 2 Balls

Catit Design Senses Illuminated Balls - 2 Balls
Categories: Cat, Cat Toys
Brand: Catit
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The games can begin with these speedy motion activated illuminated balls from Catit Design Senses. They are suitable for all Catit Design Senses Circuit activity toys for cats. All cats love to indulge their natural hunting instincts, especially during the twilight. They enjoy tracking and pouncing, and the faster the prey the more enjoyable it is. These motion activated illuminated balls from Catit are perfect for night-time hunting. The Catit Design Senses Illuminated Balls are made from transparent, light green plastic. They have a diameter of 3.5 cm and inside the balls there are two red LEDs which flash alternately. The balls light up when they are moved and switch off after about 10 seconds when stationary. The balls only weigh about 20 g each, and their smooth surface means that they will rapidly pick up speed and roll around the circuit track very quickly. The Catit Design Senses Motion Activated Illuminated Balls are also suitable for use with: Catit Design Senses Play Circuit and Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit. Caution: As with any other product your pet should be supervised with this toy. Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace the toy whenever it becomes defective or when a piece of the toy goes missing to avoid any harm coming to your pet. Recycling is a great way to help protect our environment. Find out how to dispose of used batteries and electrical items (WEEE) responsibly. zooplus AG is a member of the European Recycling Platform WEEE Battery Compliance Scheme.