Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream - 6 x 15g

Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream - 6 x 15g
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Brand: Miamor
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Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream is a supplementary cat food which helps to reduce hair balls. It contains plenty of roughage and malt extract, which is also good for digestion so the hair balls which your cat has swallowed will pass through more quickly. This tasty malt cream paste also aids your cat’s daily grooming. Cats are very fastidious creatures and spend a lot of time grooming and cleaning their fur. In doing so, they swallow hair, which they can’t digest. Hair balls form in the cat’s stomach and can cause problems, especially for long-haired cats. The individually packaged portions Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream are enriched with malt extract and help to keep your cat’s digestive system healthy so your cat will find it easier to pass the hair balls. Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream at a glance: Special hair ball paste Suitable for all cats Low in calories With malt extract and valuable roughage Helps your cat to pass the hair balls naturally Good for your cat’s daily grooming Enriched with taurine No artificial colours or preservatives Miamor Cat Snack Malt-Cream - the liquid snack to enjoy.