Oval Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - 100 x 65 x 22 cm (L x W x H)

Oval Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey - 100 x 65 x 22 cm (L x W x H)
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Brand: zooplus Exclusive
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Older dogs, sporting dogs and those with joint and spinal problems can often find it difficult to rest and relax as they need to. In order to allow your dog joint-gentle, restful sleep, this Oval Memory Foam Dog Bed with visco elastic Memory Foam* can be an ideal choice. The underneath of the Oval Memory Foam Dog Bed mattress is made from form-stable PU-foam, which helps to protect your dog from hard, cold floors, as well as offering stability for the bed. The soft and cuddly cover of the Oval Memory Foam Dog Bed is completely removable from the visco-elastic mattress and can be hygienically cleaned in the washing machine. The easy-care blanket, with warming sheepskin on one side, fastens easily to the bed with Velcro and can be quickly cleaned when needed. The thickness of the mattress allows for a raised entry that is particularly suitable for older dogs. Oval Memory Foam Dog Bed - Grey at a glance: Orthopaedic dog bed, ideal for sporting dogs as well as dogs with joint problems or older dogs Visco-elastic mattress with memory foam*: adapts to the body-shape and temperature to relieve pressure on the joints High quality mattress made from two different materials: form-stable PU foam and memory foam work together to provide the perfect sleeping surface Mouldable border: with soft padding to allow for comfortable leaning and support for the head Removable teddy-plush blanket: cuddly soft and feels like real fur, but easy to clean and fastened with Velcro Non-slip base coating: non-slip rubber dots on the base of the bed help to improve stability Comfortable bed height: easy for older dogs to get into bed Protects your dog from cold, hard floors Durable, easy-care materials Quality zip fastenings Colour: Bed: grey-blue Blanket: grey-blue/cream-white Material: Cover: Upper: 100% polyester (with strengthened inner fabric) Underside: 80% polyester, 20% resin (anti-slip knobs) Padding: 100% polyester Plush blanket: 100% polyester (supersoft plush/fabric) Visco-elastic mattress: Under layer: 100% PU foam (form-stable) Upper layer: 100% memory foam Sizing table: Total dimensions (L x W x H) Sleeping area (L x W) Entry height Memory Foam height 72 x 50 x 20 cm approx. 50 x 40 cm 11cm approx. 4cm 100 x 65 x 22 cm approx. 74 x 59 cm 12cm approx. 4cm 117 x 72 x 24 cm approx. 90 x 62 cm 15cm approx. 4.5cm Care instructions: cover and blanket can be machine-washed at 30°C *Viscoelastic Memory Foam: Beds made from orthopaedic memory foam have been used in human medicine for many years. The high-tech material adapts to the body’s shape, as well as the body temperature, helping to offer optimum pressure relief for joints and allowing for highest comfort. Laying on memory foam can offer beneficial relaxation, relieving pressure from the spine and joints. The breathable material will always return to its original shape.