Velvet Snuggle Blanket - Granite Grey - 100 x 70 cm (L x W)

Velvet Snuggle Blanket - Granite Grey - 100 x 70 cm (L x W)
Categories: Dog, Dog Beds & Baskets
Brand: zooplus Exclusive
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The Velvet Snuggle Blanket - Granite has a very high quality finish and provides ultimate comfort for your pet. The soft upper and thick padding make for a warm and comfortable place to snooze and relax. The beautiful grey and light grey are a timeless combination that fits in with any modern décor or even when travelling. The lining, quilt pattern, and faux leather “Pet Classic” label add the finishing touches to this stylish blanket. You can use this blanket as a mattress to protect your pet from cold and hard floors, and also to save your furniture from scratches and dirt. Alternatively, this blanket is perfect for tucking in your dog or cat for a long relaxing sleep. Its timeless design makes this blanket the perfect companion to the zooplus faux leather beds. A matching bed can be found here: Hygienic Dog Beds The Velvet Snuggle Blanket - Granite Grey at a glance: High quality pet blanket for dogs or cats when at home or on the road Soft and insulating: with thick padding and luxurious upper Timeless design: light grey lining complements the classic granite grey tones of the blanket Multi-purpose: as a protective mattress or a warm and cosy blanket Colour: Upper: granite grey Lower: light grey Material: 100% polyester Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 1 cm (L x W x H) Care Tip: machine washable at 30°C