Vetbed® Isobed SL Wave Pet Blanket - Cream / Brown - 100 x 75 cm (L x W)

Vetbed® Isobed SL Wave Pet Blanket - Cream / Brown - 100 x 75 cm (L x W)
Categories: Dog, Dog Beds & Baskets
Brand: Vetbed
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The Vetbed® Contemporary Living Swirls Cream is not just soft and cosy; it is also hypoallergenic and machine-washable so it is very hygienic. This lovely cream-coloured Vetbed has an elegant brown swirl pattern and can be cut to whatever size you need. It is ideal as a cosy place to sleep, in the car or in the whelping box. The thick, fluffy material is made from hollow fibre. It has a 20mm pile and has a thickness of approx. 2000g/per linear meter so insulates against cold floors. It is also breathable and moisture permeable. Your pet will always have somewhere warm to snuggle up. It’s easy to keep clean as it can be washed in the washing machine and the hygienic Vetbed is suitable for dogs and cats with allergies or which are very sensitive. The Vetbed Isobed SL Contemporary Wave can be cut down to whatever size you need, making it perfect for use in cars, dog baskets and whelping boxes. It has a rubber coated anti-slip backing so it does not slide around on smooth surfaces. Vetbed® Isobed SL Contemporary Wave Pet Blanket - Cream/Brown at a glance: Non-allergenic Keeps pets dry, warm and cosy Insulates against cold floors Anti-slip rubber backing Machine washable up to 40°C (normal wash) Machine washable up to 95°C (occasional disinfection wash) Tumble dryer safe Does not fray, can be cut to any size 20mm pile, thickness approx. 2000 g/per linear metre Cream with brown swirls Made in England Care instructions: The Vetbed® Paw Print should usually be washed at 40°C. For disinfection purposes the product can be washed at up to 95°C. In order to avoid damage to the material and the anti-slip rubber backing, disinfection washes should only be carried out when absolutely necessary. The feel of the non-slip surface changes after washing. This, however, has no impact on the effectiveness of the product. Avoid the use of fabric softener or a tumble dryer!