Simon's Cat Placemat - 40 x 30 cm (L x W)

Simon's Cat Placemat - 40 x 30 cm (L x W)
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Brand: Simon's Cat
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Meow. Meow! MEOW! Where is the food?! Simon’s Cat guarantees that everyone knows when it’s hungry, and the same goes for the majority of our cats! As well as being delicious, the food needs to be served immediately and look appetising. The Simon’s Cat Placemat is the perfect place for your cat’s food and drink bowls. It is in the iconic style of the comic series and makes a great accessory for fans of Simon’s Cat. The Simon’s Cat Placemat is perfect for every cat, not just the bossy one’s like Simon’s Cat! It has space for multiple bowls and has a raised border all the way around, to ensure that your cat’s feeding area remains clean. This is essential, as your cat always prefers that you are devoting all of your time to it! The easy-clean material of the Simon’s Cat Placemat ensures you will have plenty of time for cuddles and play! Simon’s Cat Placemat at a glance: Decorative placemat for cat bowls Iconic design: with white Simon’s Cat motif Raised all-round border: prevents food waste falling out, keeping your cat’s feeding area clean Hygienic material: easy-to-care, flexible silicone Particularly anti-slip: keeps it still even on slippery floors Large format, allowing enough space for multiple bowls Colour: light grey/white Material: 100% silicone Total dimensions: 40 x 30 x 1 cm (L x W x H) Care instructions: rinse under running water Simon Tofield, an English animator, created the charming and mischievous cartoon character Simon’s Cat, inspired by the antics of his own four cats. Please note: the pictured bowl is not included.