Savic Loop Water Dispenser - Blue - 1.5 litre

Savic Loop Water Dispenser - Blue - 1.5 litre
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Brand: savic
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With the Savic Loop Water Dispenser your pet will always have plenty of fresh drinking water, keeping it hydrated all day. With the transparent container, you can effortlessly check the water level and refill as needed. Made of plastic, the water dispenser can also be cleaned particularly easily and hygienically. The water flows through the opening in the reservoir and keeps the bowl filled with fresh, clean water. The anti-slip rubber base ensures that the Savic Loop Water Dispenser also stays in place on smooth floors. A modern accessory that provides more convenience to any dog or cat household. Savic Loop Water Dispenser - blue at a glance: Water dispenser for cats, dogs or large pets Practical convenient: aids rationed feeding and saves you time constantly refilling your pet’s bowl Promotes increased fluid intake: keeps your pet hydrated Transparent container: for easy food level checking Anti-slip rubber base: prevents the dispenser from slipping, even on smooth floors Easy to clean: made of washable plastic High quality: made in Belgium Colour: blue, transparent Container bowl: plastic (polypropylene) Anti-slip base: PP, SBS Dimensions: M: 1.5l, 26 x 17.5 x 23 cm (L x W x H)