Natural Paradise Wall-Mounted Bed - Dahlia - Light Grey

Natural Paradise Wall-Mounted Bed - Dahlia - Light Grey
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Brand: Natural Paradise
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Natural Paradise is the best way your owner can show their respect for what and who you are - much more than a pet. You are a beloved member of the family and you deserve a comfortable and nurturing environment to feel right at home. This is what we are passionate about. We love to make sure that your owner’s home reflects your natural habitat so you can always be yourself and follow your natural instincts. NATURAL PARADISE. DESIGNED FOR NATURAL INSTINCTS. Playing and making discoveries all day long is tiring, isn’t it? A cosy bed on the wall is exactly what you need right now! Just jump in and make yourself comfortable. This homely bed is quilted and padded. It also has high edges to lean against and curl up in - what could be better? Can you ever have too many beds? No! That way you can hop from one to another and reach even higher lookout points or keep climbing up the wall then jump straight onto your cat tree. Tell your human that several of these wall-mounted beds can be attached to the wall without needing to take up space on the floor. And don’t worry - the bed is on a solid wooden platform so is very sturdy. You can jump right in without having to worry! Natural Paradise Wall-Mounted Bed - Dahlia at a glance: Stable, wall-mounted platform with cosy bed The ideal place to doze up high Stable, wall-mounted bed Cats love to be up high so they can relax and enjoy the view over their kingdom! This solid platform can hold up to 35kg and can be mounted at any height on the wall. Cuddly and soft bed This comfy bed has a wonderfully soft edge to lean against or cuddle up to. The bed is attached to the platform with Velcro. It is not only a cosy place to retreat to and relax, but can also be used as a handy stepping stone between other pieces of cat furniture. Sustainable material The untreated wooden platform and the wall mount are made from Baltic birch plywood which comes from environmentally friendly sources. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified The fluffy bed is made from materials that have been tested for harmful substances. You can trust that these certified materials will bring you closer to nature. The perfect addition to your cat tree Combine with other wall-mounted cat furniture such as other beds or scratching accessories Natural look Non-slip and easy to clean cushion: machine washable at 30°C Easy to affix to the wall: saves space, no floor space is required, fixing materials not included Max. weight capacity: 35kg Colour: cream, chocolate or light grey Material: Platform wall mount: Baltic birch plywood Padding: 100% polyester (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100) Total dimensions: 48 x 42 x 24cm (W x D x H) (All dimensions can be found in the instructions.) Tips for washing: We recommend the use of a wash bag when machine washing pet accessories. This will prevent pet hair from getting into the washing machine and reduces the risk of damage to the machine from hard parts such as buckles or clips. Pet hair will collect in the bag and…