Greenwoods Wet Food for Ferrets - Chicken - Mega Saver Pack: 48 x 200g

Greenwoods Wet Food for Ferrets - Chicken - Mega Saver Pack: 48 x 200g
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Brand: Greenwoods Small Animals
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Ferrets are carnivorous predators by nature, which is why they need a protein rich diet. Greenwoods wet food is the ideal way to ensure your pet has healthy, tasty diet which also meets all of its nutritional requirements: Low fat chicken meat: Delicious chicken meat forms basis of this easy to digest protein-rich diet Whole chicken hearts: A great source of high-quality meat and a tasty alternative to other wet food Valuable chicken offal Ideally suited to your ferret’s digestive system The right amount of taurine: Ferrets need plenty of taurine and Greenwoods Wet Ferret food helps to meet your pet’s nutritional needs Declaration of Ingredients: The list of ingredients is a true declaration of what is contained in this food and indicates the quantities of all meat ingredients used No artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives. Sugar-free Greenwoods wet ferret food was developed specifically to provide ferrets with the correct nutrition. Ferrets have an increased energy demand and as they have a shorter digestive tract than dogs or cats, they get energy primarily from eating meat. Your pet will enjoy this natural, meaty wet ferret food. Greenwoods - the natural, species appropriate way to feed your pet. Live naturally!