Golden Grey - 14kg

Golden Grey - 14kg
Categories: Fish, Cat, Cat Litter, Fish food
Brand: Golden
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Golden Grey kitty litter made from fine bentonite is very popular among cat owners. Benefits of Golden Grey Cat Litter at a glance: Bentonite (granules size 12) With baby powder scent Clumping litter 350% absorption Low in dust The clay used for Golden Grey cat litter is a purely natural product, so it is entirely harmless for your cat. Its superior power (approx. 350% absorbency) eradicates unpleasant smells while the litter gives out a gentle baby powder scent. The litter is low in dust production and consists of extra-clumping granules that won’t stick to your kitty’s feet and get spread around the house. There is no need to empty the whole tray to clean, you’ll only have to pick out the clumps, so Golden Grey is more economical and easier to use than conventional clay. 14 kg Golden Grey are the equivalent of approx. 42.2 kg conventional litter!