Feringa Classic Meat Menu Saver Pack 12 x 400g - Rabbit & Turkey

Feringa Classic Meat Menu Saver Pack 12 x 400g - Rabbit & Turkey
Categories: Small pets, Rabbit
Brand: Feringa
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Feringa Classic Meat Menu at a glance: Two sources of protein: recipes contain either two kinds of meat, or one meat and one fish High meat content of 70%: every variety is prepared with carefully selected fresh meat or fish Grain and gluten free: Feringa contains absolutely no grains, as your cat’s digestive systems not designed to cope with large amount of grain Gentle preparation: all ingredients are packed cold and then gently steamed in the can, preserving the valuable nutrients and natural flavours Selected ingredients: Feringa only uses exactly the ingredients stated in the ingredients list - no nasty surprises! High quality: Feringa doesn’t use any meat or bone meal, vegetable by-products, meat by-products, colourings, preservatives, flavourings or artificial attractants With vitamins and taurine: for a balanced, healthy diet Ideal calcium-phosphorous balance: the ratio in Feringa Classic Meat Menu is 1.2:1 Healthy fibre: contains fresh, easily digested fruit or vegetables, plus herbs to support your cat’s digestive system Soya and lactose free: naturally free from soya and lactose, making it ideal for sensitive cats, or cats with food intolerances Made by a small family business: Feringa wet cat food is made with love and care by a small family business in South Germany, where creating natural and species appropriate nutrition is at the heart of the business The Feringa Classic Meat Menu Saver Pack 12 x 400g is available in lots of tasty varieties, so your cat can enjoy something different each day. There is also a special Feringa Classic Meat Menu Winter Edition Game Goose with Parsnip Rosehip as well as a Limited Edition Chicken Pheasant with Cranberries Parsley, only available while stocks last. There is also a 12 x 400g mixed pack with 6 different varieties: 2 x 400g Duck Veal with Broccoli Dandelion 2 x 400g Rabbit Turkey with Sea Buckthorn Catnip 2 x 400g Trout Chicken with Potato Parsley 2 x 400g Salmon Turkey with Courgette Watercress 2 x 400g Poultry with Carrots Dandelion 2 x 400g Lamb Rabbit with Cranberries Watercress Feringa Classic Meat Menu is a complete wet cat food made with a combination of freshly prepared meat or fish, tasty vegetables and a sprinkling of herbs. It is a natural, grain-free cat food with an exceptionally high meat content. The nutritional profile fulfils the natural dietary needs of your cat. The carefully selected ingredients are gently prepared in a family-owned factory, preserving the natural nutrients and authentic, delicious flavours in every can of this high quality complete food. Your cat’s digestive system is not designed to process large amounts of grains, so Feringa never includes them in their recipes. Feringa Classic Meat Menu is so tasty, even the pickiest cats are sure to love it. Feringa - Lovingly prepared, just like home-made! A natural species appropriate food for your pet. Please note: Articles 437333.0, 437333.9 and 437333.10 are not available for delivery to Northern…