Gourmet Perle Mixed Trial Pack 4 x 85g - Beef, Rabbit, Salmon & Chicken

Gourmet Perle Mixed Trial Pack 4 x 85g - Beef, Rabbit, Salmon & Chicken
Categories: Small pets, Rabbit
Brand: Gourmet
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Gourmet Perle wet cat food is a delicious meal for feline gourmets. Cats enjoy good food and like to be spoilt with a varied diet. This great-tasting wet food ensures plenty of variety at mealtimes and offers a real taste experience. These tasty recipes contain delicious meat and fish, supplemented with valuable minerals, that will get every cat’s heart racing. The added vital vitamins support feline health and general wellbeing. All of the ingredients in Gourmet Perle wet cat food are cooked in their own juices for an extra special taste. Treat your cat to a delicious wet food containing everything they need for an active, healthy life. Gourmet Perle Wet Cat Food at a glance: Exquisite complete wet food for cats aged 1 - 7 years With finest ingredients: high-quality animal proteins for a delicious taste and high acceptance With important minerals: for a balance nutrient profile With valuable vitamins: for health and wellbeing Lots of variety: prevents boredom at mealtimes The Gourmet Perle Mixed Pack 4 x 85g contains one pouch of each of these delicious flavours: Beef, Rabbit, Salmon and Chicken Turkey, Tuna, Duck and Lamb Seafood Duo - with Salmon Pollack, with Ocean Fish Tuna, with Salmon White Fish, and with Sardine Tuna