2 x RFID Tags for SureFlap Cat Flaps & Pet Door - 2 RFID Collar Tags

2 x RFID Tags for SureFlap Cat Flaps & Pet Door - 2 RFID Collar Tags
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Brand: SureFlap
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SureFlap manufacture revolutionary, battery-powered cat flaps and pet doors which read your pet’s existing identification microchip, only unlocking for them. If your pet has not been microchipped you can also use SureFlap products with these SureFlap’s RFID collar tags. These collar tags must be purchased separately and are not included as part of the cat flap or pet door delivery. There is a simple one button learn process that you perform once for each of your pets with the RFID tag and the Sureflap door. The programmed numbers work like electronic door keys and once programmed, the SureFlap cat flap will only unlock for recognised ID’s or microchips. Stray cats and other unwelcome visitors are barred from entering your home. SureFlap RFID tags at a glance: For use with unchipped pets Simply attach the RFID tag to your pet’s collar Program the tag in to the pet door or cat flap using the simple one button process With unique registration number The collar not included in delivery The tags will also work with older cat flaps with the serial number 1152201 or higher Please note: Cat flap / Pet door not included.