Wolf of Wilderness "The Taste of" Saver Pack 24 x 400g - Mixed Pack "The Taste of" (5 Varieties)

Wolf of Wilderness "The Taste of" Saver Pack 24 x 400g - Mixed Pack "The Taste of" (5 Varieties)
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Wolf of Wilderness “The Taste of” Adult 24 x 400g at a glance: 100% grain-free recipes Each variety contains 3 protein sources (meat offal) typical to regional prey, enriched with berries Complete wet food for adult dogs Enriched with healthy berries No artificial additives such as preservatives, colour or taste enhancers Intensive meat taste, typical to that specific region - just as in the wild! Made in Germany Wolf of Wilderness - Wild and Free! Wolf of Wilderness “The Taste of” Adult 24 x 400g is available in the following varieties: The Taste of Canada: Fresh beef with cod and turkey, enriched with Canadian cranberries The Taste of Scandinavia: Made with salmon and reindeer, regional typical blueberries and chicken The Taste of the Mediterranean: Tasty lamb, chicken and trout, olives and rosemary extract, plus regional typical elderberries The Taste of the Outback: With fresh chicken, beef, kangaroo, wild herbs and berries The Taste of the Savanna: Fresh turkey, beef and goat, wild berries and roots “Taste of” Mixed Pack: 8 x The Taste of Canada 4 x The Taste of the Mediterranean 4 x The Taste of Scandinavia 4 x The Taste of the Savanna 4 x The Taste of the Outback We all love our dogs and consider them an important member of the family. They are endearing, very loyal pets and they deserve the right diet to keep them fit and healthy. Many believe that the domesticated dog originates from the wolf. Research into the wolves' natural eating habits shows that their diet consists of mostly meat and some berries, wild herbs and roots. This diet has remained unchanged throughout the course of evolution. Wolf of Wilderness dog food reflects the feeding patterns of the wild wolf and ensures that your dog has a balanced intake of nutrients. It will appeal to your dog’s natural instincts.Wolf of Wilderness “The Taste of” is a wholesome, complete wet food is similar to the wolf’s natural diet and inspired by the regional prey a wolf would eat in the wild. It is well accepted, easy to digest and provides your pet with a balanced nutrient uptake. Wolf of Wilderness wet dog food contains meat and offal from 3 sources and also provides your pet with essential fatty acids. The only other ingredients are berries, wild herbs and roots which provide important minerals as well as secondary plant matter. The premium quality ingredients provide your trusty pet with a tasty, natural meal and you can be sure that you are feeding your dog with a species appropriate diet. This delicious wet food is well accepted and suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities. More information on Wolf of Wilderness “The Taste of”, about the Wolf of Wilderness brand philosophy and entire food range, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here: Wolf of Wilderness Dog Food Wolf of Wilderness - Wild and Free!