Whiskas Cat Milk 6 x 200ml - 6 x 200ml

Whiskas Cat Milk 6 x 200ml - 6 x 200ml
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Brand: Whiskas
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Whiskas cat milk is a special milk for cats - tasty and easily digestible. Most cats love milk, but cow milk contains high quantities of lactose, which can cause feline diarrhoea. The special formula of Whiskas cat milk gives it the same great taste as cow milk but contains less lactose for better digestion. The special recipe makes it extremely tasty and easy to digest. Whiskas cat milk comes in a resealable bottle for easy portion control. Whiskas cat milk is a dietary supplement. Suitable for cats over 6 weeks old. Please be advised: the images of the products on our site are for illustrative purposes only and actual packaging may vary. Please note: Article 13273.4 is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.