Velcote Nutritional Supplement for Skin and Coat - 500ml

Velcote Nutritional Supplement for Skin and Coat - 500ml
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Brand: Velcote
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As fatty acids are integral components of natural cell membranes, they are essential for healthy, unbroken skin and thick, shiny, well-rooted fur. Insufficient fatty acid levels can lead to various coat conditions, including dryness, flakes, shedding and itching. Persistent deficiency can also affect the skin, causing inflammation and increasing greasiness of skin and fur. Adding cold-pressed vegetable oils to a high-quality complete food is recommended in these cases, as the pre-mixed components in normal food are often diminished considerably during the production process. Velcote contains a combination of African nut oil, wheatgerm and linseed oils, providing optimal levels of the most important fatty acids (Omega-3 and 6). Effects are visible as early as 3-4 days into feeding. This rapid effectiveness, together with the low daily dosage, make Velcote a highly cost-effective skin solution. Velcote at a glance: Dietary supplement for dogs For a full, glossy, light coat Excellent acceptance Rapid effectiveness