Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care - 10kg

Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care - 10kg
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Brand: Royal Canin Care Nutrition
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You can find more information about the Satisfaction Guarantee campaign and the conditions of participation here. –>Have you heard about the Royal Canin Canine Care Nutrition Satisfaction Guarantee? Visible results after one month or your money back! Discover more here. Many pets nowadays suffer from being overweight, which can place additional pressure on joints and overall health. In order to keep your dog lean, fit and healthy, you need to provide high-quality nutrition such as this Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care, which has been specially tailored to help maintain an ideal bodyweight. Royal Canin Medium Light Weight Care at a glance: Complete dry food for medium-sized (11-25kg) adult dogs from 12 months of age that have a tendency to gain weight Contains 21% less fat (than standard food): helps to reduce or maintain your dog’s weight High protein content (27%): supports the maintenance of existing muscle mass and promotes muscle development Low fat content (11%): promotes the maintenance of an ideal weight Soluble insoluble fibres: can help to satisfy your dog’s appetite Well-accepted: due to the carefully selected nutrients Also suitable for fussy dogs: special kibble shape, size and structure supports food intake This food for dogs prone to being overweight is available in both wet and dry food varieties. Both products can be combined to offer great effect. The kibble of the dry food is available in different sizes, which have been specially tailored to meet the needs of small, medium or large breed dogs.