Royal Canin Medium Digestive Care - Complementary: Royal Canin Care Nutrition Wet Digestive Care (24 x 85g)

Royal Canin Medium Digestive Care - Complementary: Royal Canin Care Nutrition Wet Digestive Care (24 x 85g)
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Brand: Royal Canin Care Nutrition
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You can find more information about the Satisfaction Guarantee campaign and the conditions of participation here. –>Have you heard about the Royal Canin Canine Care Nutrition Satisfaction Guarantee? Visible results after one month or your money back! Discover more here. Royal Canin Medium Digestive Care dry dog food is designed for sensitive medium-breed dogs. Your medium-sized dog’s skin and gastrointestinal tract are both highly sensitive organs that can have hypersensitive reactions to external factors, such as as unbalanced diet, changing life circumstances, travel or environmental pollution. This dry food contains easily digestible L.I.P. proteins and selected prebiotics, which promote a healthy intestinal flora. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids also have an anti-inflammatory effect and support the health of your dog’s skin and coat. Royal Canin Medium Digestive Care at a glance: Complete dry food for medium-sized (11-25kg) adult dogs from 12 months of age with sensitive digestive systems Rice as the only source of starch (100%): helps to regulate your dog’s digestion Stimulates stomach and intestinal motor function: dietary fibres from dried sugar beet pulp prevent overly strong fermentation processes With easily digestible L.I.P. proteins: guaranteed protein digestibility of 95% Maintains a healthy digestive system: fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) promote an intact intestinal flora and inhibit the growth of disease-causing bacteria Meets your dog’s energy requirements: optimum energy content fulfils the energy needs of sensitive and/or active dogs, without putting excessive strain on their digestive system With valuable omega-6 fatty acids from borage oil: supports the health of your dog’s skin and coat With omega-3 fatty acids from fish and soya oil: supports athletic performance, improves oxygen supply to the brain and boasts an anti-inflammatory effect With the volcanic mineral clinoptilolite: binds disease-causing bacteria and heavy metal loads so they can be excreted with your dog’s metabolic waste For a stable immune system: Synergistic antioxidant complex: helps to defend against free radicals Mannan-oligosaccharides: limit the development of disease-causing bacteria and strengthen the body’s immune defences in the gut Marigold flower meal: a natural antioxidant that can contribute to a stable immune system Vitamin C and E: support the neutralisation of free radicals and protect the body’s cell membranes Well-accepted: due to the carefully selected nutrients and natural aroma protection Also suitable for fussy dogs: special kibble shape, size and structure supports food intake