MAC's Cat 6 x 400g - Kitten Turkey, Beef & Duck

MAC's Cat 6 x 400g - Kitten Turkey, Beef & Duck
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MAC’s Cat is a grain-free wet cat food suitable for cats of all ages and particularly suited for cats with food sensitivities or allergies. Based on a cat’s natural eating habits, the recipe has a high meat content with no added cereals or grains. Entirely grain- and gluten-free, MAC’s cat food is made from the best pieces of heart, liver or lung and contains no bone meal or formed meat. Each meal is carefully prepared to ensure its natural nutrients are retained, providing your cat with a complete and balanced meal. With added taurine, which is essential for cats and helps support good eyesight and a healthy heart, your cat won’t be able to resist this meaty meal! Each recipe is free from colours, flavours and preservatives and provides your cat with a tasty, complete diet with lots of meat and added vitamins. The Mixed Pack contains the following varieties: 1 x Poultry Cranberry 1 x Salmon Chicken 1 x Veal Turkey 1 x Duck, Turkey Chicken 1 x Beef Chicken Hearts 1 x Duck, Rabbit Beef MAC’s Cat 6 x 400g at a glance: High-quality wet food for all cats Ideal for cats with sensitive digestion and grain intolerances Made in Germany 70% meat content: for natural nutrients and high acceptance Free from animal and bone meal and formed meat. No grain, gluten or soya No added colours, flavours or preservatives With added taurine: supports a healthy heart and strong eyesight With important vitamins and minerals: for a complete and balanced diet Gentle preparation Please note: Articles 680977.2 and 680977.3 are not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.