Chipsi Citrus Pet Bedding - 3.2kg (approx. 60l)

Chipsi Citrus Pet Bedding - 3.2kg (approx. 60l)
Categories: Cat, Cat Litter
Brand: Chipsi
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Chipsi Citrus is a high quality, effective natural pet bedding with a powerfully fresh lemon scent. The pleasant aroma is a 100% natural biological citrus scent, with no added chemicals. Chipsi Citrus is completely dry, sterile and dust-free. Chipsi products are made from specially selected native tree species, sourced according to strict environmental and quality controls DIN ISO 9001. The wood shavings in Chipsi Citrus go through a process of resin and dust removal, making them perfect for building a soft, hygienic nest. Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.