Catessy Sticks - 10 Sticks - with Rabbit, Turkey & Yeast

Catessy Sticks - 10 Sticks - with Rabbit, Turkey & Yeast
Categories: Small pets, Rabbit
Brand: Catessy
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Catessy Sticks have a new packaging design. Please note that during the change-over period your order may include both the old and the new packaging design. Reward your cat with delicious Catessy Sticks - a very special treat bound to delight your pet! Rich in taste, Catessy Sticks are made from carefully selected fresh ingredients. And the sticks are grain-free and easily digestible. Try out the different flavours available in these handy 10 stick in each pack - your cat is sure to love them! There are useful indentations on the Catessy Sticks so it is easy to break a little piece off if you prefer to give your cat a smaller treat. You don’t have to feed your cat an entire treat and nothing goes to waste. These flavoursome sticks stay fresh until the last morsel. Catessy Sticks are made in Germany. Catessy for the discerning cat - great tasting cat food at a great price.