Cat's Best Comfort - 10l (approx. 4.3kg)

Cat's Best Comfort - 10l (approx. 4.3kg)
Categories: Cat, Cat Litter
Brand: Cat's Best
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Only the best will do for your cat. Cat’s Best Comfort is a natural, highly effective cat litter that combines the power of nature with modern technology. This litter does not form clumps so is suitable kittens and ill cats, who will need the litter changing more regularly. The non-clumping Cat’s Best Comfort cat litter is made from secondary wood, making it purely plant-based and no tree are cut down to produce it. This product is sustainable and biodegradable because it is made from renewable raw materials. No chemicals have been added. Cat’s Best Comfort ensures that bad smells are effectively absorbed and retained thanks to the JRS plant fibre technology. What’s more, this litter is highly absorbent meaning that liquids are soaked up, which keeps the surroundings hygienic. Cat’s Best Comfort at a glance: Natural cat litter made from plant fibres No clumps: non-clumping litter suitable for kittens and sick cats, must be changed regularly Highly absorbent: refined active wood fibres soak up liquids and hold on to them Biodegradable: made from renewable raw materials, no chemicals Sustainable: made from PEFC-certified secondary wood, no trees are cut down to manufacture it Fights against nasty smells: the JRS plant fibre technology ensures that unpleasant smells are held for a long time Nice and clean: going to the toilet should be a pleasant experience for cats and should adhere to their natural instincts 100% natural: no added chemicals