Burgess Neutered Cat - Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg

Burgess Neutered Cat - Economy Pack: 2 x 10kg
Categories: Dog, Dry Dog Food
Brand: Burgess
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This Burgess Neutered Cat has been specially created as a complete dry food for sterilised cats, with a high protein recipe that supports a natural carnivorous diet. It has been formulated to combat key health issues often suffered by neutered cats, including an increased risk of urinary tract infections, likelihood of weight gain and tendency to suffer from hairballs. With sterilisation your cat will have an decreased energy need but may find itself with a higher appetite, which can result in unwanted weight gain. Burgess Neutered Cat contains L-carnitine to help combat this issue, supporting overall heath and wellbeing. Burgess Neutered Cat at a glance: Complete dry food for neutered cats High in protein: the increased protein content supports a natural carnivorous diet and can encourage lean muscle mass L-carnitine: combats the weight gain often suffered by sterilised cats Urinary health: with selected ingredients to support the urinary system Dental health: tailored to support healthy teeth and gums Combats hairballs: with added fibre to support the movement of swallowed hairs through the system Yucca extract: to reduce unpleasant stool odours Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.