Royal Canin Kitten in Gravy - Saver Pack: 48 x 85g

Royal Canin Kitten in Gravy - Saver Pack: 48 x 85g
Categories: Dog, Dry Dog Food
Brand: Royal Canin
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When your cat first arrives in the world, it has plenty of things to discover. Its mother’s milk can help support a kitten in this phase, but from the 4th month of life your kitten enters the second phase of growth and development, when it will move away from mother’s milk. This Royal Canin Kitten in Gravy has been developed to make the weaning process easier. Your kitten is not yet a cat! Kittens require specifically tailored nutrition. Imagine we are talking about human beings - would you feed your baby the same diet as an adult? Of course not! Babies have a sensitive digestive system, small jaws and no teeth, so could not, for example, bite into an apple as an adult could. Comparisons such as this make it easier to understand why our young pets require a whole different kind of food from their adult counterparts. With a few breed- and gender-specific different, cats up to 12 months need tailored diets in order to reach healthy adulthood. The Royal Canin Kitten range offers your kitten the perfect start, so you can choose the ideal combination of wet and dry food. The time frame between when a mother cat’s protection is no longer enough and your kitten’s own immune system has not yet developed properly can cause an “immunological gap”. Chewing is also limited. Nutrients reach the stomach without being properly pre-digested by enzymes in the saliva. Kittens need many small meals, sometimes eating 10-16 times per day. Royal Canin Kitten in Gravy contains a nutrient profile in its recipe that instinctively appeals to kittens. It offers good flavour, smell and texture, ensuring long-term, instinctive acceptance of this high-quality nutrition. This wet food contains all essential nutrients to meet the high energy need of kittens. It is easy to chew thanks to small chunks in gravy, jelly or loaf. Benefits of dry food: concentrated nutrients and a texture that cleans teeth and supports dental health. Benefits of wet food: the high moisture content can reduce the risk of urinary tract problems and help maintain a healthy weight.