zooplus Selection Saver Pack 24 x 400g - Adult Beef, Pheasant & Goose

zooplus Selection Saver Pack 24 x 400g - Adult Beef, Pheasant & Goose
Categories: Dog, Wet Dog Food
Brand: zooplus
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The zooplus Selection wet dog food range at a glance: Zooplus Selection is available only at zooplus. We asked our customers what they would like to feed their pets and based on this feedback we used our extensive experience to create this great tasting and nutritious range of wet dog food. We are thrilled with the results and hope you like this as much as we do. The content is appropriate for your dog’s lifestyle: zooplus Selection provides a natural and species appropriate wet food for your dog High meat content: zooplus Selection is packed full of tasty, healthy meat. Carefully selected ingredients: zooplus Selection only contains natural, wholesome ingredients such as fresh meat, combined with fruit or vegetables and rounded off with tasty, healthy oils. Tasty recipes: There is bound to be something your dog likes in the range of tasty wet food and it tastes like home-made. Carefully prepared: The gentle preparation and processing ensures that vital nutrients do not get lost. Made in Germany: zooplus Selection is made in Germany to the very highest standards. Top quality is our trademark. Free from sugar, artificial additives and attractants: zooplus Selection has a great, natural taste and doesn’t need enhancing with artificial preservatives, attractants or sugar. zooplus Selection: wet dog food lives up to its name. Each can of this nutritious food contains only carefully selected, top quality ingredients. This species appropriate wet dog food is made with delicious fresh meat and other wholesome ingredients such as fruit and vegetables and enriched with healthy oils. It tastes just like home-made and your dog will love it. This tasty tinned food combines top quality with the individual needs and preferences of your dog. The ingredients are carefully prepared and processed so that they retain the natural nutrients which help to provide your dog with everything it needs for a healthy, active life. zooplus Selection Adult Mixed Pack contains two delicious varieties: 12 x Beef, Venison Duck 12 x Beef, Pheasant Goose zooplus Selection Junior Mixed Pack contains two delicious varieties: 12 x Junior Veal 12 x Junior Turkey All zooplus Selection varieties are available in a 24 x 400g Saver Pack at a great price! Stock up now and save at the same time! More information about the individual varieties can be found here: zooplus Selection wet dog food