Wolf of Wilderness Soft "Blue River" - Salmon - Economy Pack: 2 x 12kg

Wolf of Wilderness Soft "Blue River" - Salmon - Economy Pack: 2 x 12kg
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Wolf of Wilderness Soft “Blue River” - Salmon dry dog food: Complete food: suitable for adult dogs, of all breeds and sizes 100% grain-free: also suitable for dogs with grain sensitivities Semi-moist food for adult dogs: softer kibble with 18% moisture content Top quality animal protein: 41% fresh salmon and chicken meat Delicious rounded taste: with nutritious sweet potatoes, berries, roots and herbs Consistent top quality: made in Germany We all love our dogs and see them as an important member of the family. They are endearing, very loyal pets and they deserve the right diet to keep them fit and healthy. Many believe that the domesticated dog originates from the wolf, so its diet in the wild would be mainly carnivorous. Research into the wolves' natural eating habits shows that their diet consists of mostly meat and some berries, wild herbs and roots. This diet has remained unchanged throughout the course of evolution. Wolf of Wilderness Soft (semi-moist) dog food provides your pet with a balanced diet that mimics its diet in the wild. It is a complete food for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. It is available in the following sizes: 1kg, 5kg ( 5 x 1kg) and 12kg. More information about the Wolf of Wilderness philosophy and products can be found here: Wolf of Wilderness Dry Dog Food Please note: Article 862113.0 is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.