Royal Canin Mini Dermacomfort - Complementary: Royal Canin Care Nutrition Wet Dermacomfort (24 x 85g)

Royal Canin Mini Dermacomfort - Complementary: Royal Canin Care Nutrition Wet Dermacomfort (24 x 85g)
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Brand: Royal Canin Care Nutrition
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You can find more information about the Satisfaction Guarantee campaign and the conditions of participation here. –>Have you heard about the Royal Canin Canine Care Nutrition Satisfaction Guarantee? Visible results after one month or your money back! Discover more here. The skin is the body’s largest organ and healthy skin is essential to your dog’s well-being. Skin has many functions; it is a protective barrier which prevents the body from drying out and shields it from harmful bacteria and external injuries. It stores vital fats and vitamins and is also an important part of the body’s sensory system. If your dog suffers from skin irritations and itching, dry skin, greasy fur or dandruff it is a warning sign that something is not quite right. It can affect your dog’s general health so these warning signs shouldn’t be ignored. Royal Canin Health Nutrition Mini Dermacomfort provides a unique comibination of nutrients which targets skin issues and improves the condition of the skin. The benefits of Royal Canin Mini Dermacomfort at a glance: For small dogs with sensitive skin Supports the skin’s barrier role Keeps skin healthy Reduces skin irritation and itching With selected, highly digestible protein sources which are for dogs with sensitive skin With valuable omega-3- and omega-6 fatty acids which have a positive effect on skin and fur Reduces skin issues. Visible results achieved after only one month of feeding Less scratching and itching Royal Canin Mini Dermacomfort dog food contains a unique combination of nutrients and a patented complex to improve and keep your dog’s fur and skin healthy. After only one month of feeding your dog Royal Canin Dermacomfort you will notice an improvement, with less scratching and itching. Royal Canin Health Nutrition - know and respect your dog’s behavioural and nutritional requirements to ensure its wellbeing and health. Please note: Article 279483.20 is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.