Royal Canin Indoor Sterilised in Jelly - Saver Pack: 48 x 85g

Royal Canin Indoor Sterilised in Jelly - Saver Pack: 48 x 85g
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Brand: Royal Canin
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This Royal Canin Indoor Sterilised in Jelly wet cat food is designed to help maintain an ideal weight in indoor cats, helping prevent weight gain after sterilisation. Royal Canin Indoor Sterilised in Jelly has been specially developed to help your cat maintain a healthy weight, as well as supporting a sluggish digestive system, which can often be a problem for indoor cats. This wet food has been created to support urinary tract health in adult cats, as well as ensuring optimum comfort and health. For increased variety, Royal Canin offers wet cat food in three different textures, so that you can choose your cat’s favourite and still provide great nutrition. Royal Canin Indoor Sterilised in Jelly at a glance: High-quality complete wet food for sterilised indoor cats Body-conscious enjoyment: the recipe is tailored exclusively to sterilised cats Meaty and delicious: tender chunks encased in a delicious jelly, helping to improve fluid intake Tailored energy content: specially for sterilised cats Ideal weight maintenance: helping to make weight management easier Balanced mineral content: to promote healthy urinary tract function Portioned for freshness: to allow full flavour in every meal Weigh out daily servings. Work out your cat’s daily needs and measure out the exact amount. Avoid human food. It is unsuitable for meeting your cat’s nutritional needs, as well as containing too many calories. Mixed feeding of dry and wet food. Combining the benefits of dry and wet nutrition and offering your cat plenty of variety in texture, flavour and shape.