Royal Canin Beagle Adult - Economy Pack: 2 x 12kg

Royal Canin Beagle Adult - Economy Pack: 2 x 12kg
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Brand: Royal Canin Breed
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The Beagle is a robust, joyful and activity-loving breed. In England, these dogs were originally used for baiting, but its gentle temperament and amiable nature has made the Beagle a popular family pet. As the Beagle is a pack dog by nature, it can often be prone to overeating and unwanted weight gain. Royal Canin Beagle Adult has been specially developed to meet the breed-specific needs of these dogs, with a tailored texture and recipe that offers your dog everything it needs for healthy, balanced nutrition. The specially adapted energy content can also help with maintaining an ideal weight. Various fibres combine to leave your dog with a longer-lasting full feeling. The recipe of Royal Canin Beagle Adult is also rich in valuable nutrients, which help to support healthy skin, coat and joints. The kibble shape is suited to the Beagle’s jaw and eating habits, helping to encourage chewing. It can also help to support oral and dental hygiene. Royal Canin Beagle Adult at a glance: Balanced complete food for Beagles over 12 months Specially adapted to the needs of this breed Balanced recipe A specially tailored energy content helps your dog to maintain an ideal weight. Tailored kibble The special shape of the kibble encourages chewing, helps to prevent your dog eating too fast and supports oral and dental hygiene. Rich in EPA and DHA: omega-3 fatty acids can support joint and bone health Fibre combination: for a long-lasting full feeling and healthy digestion Contains L.I.P. proteins: with high biological value to support digestive function Royal Canin Quality Guarantee All Royal Canin products undergo strict quality controls, in order to ensure your dog receives a premium quality food adapted to meet its individual nutritional needs and specific lifestyle. This means that Royal Canin offers your dog high-quality, balanced nutrition.