Rocco Sensitive 6 x 400g - Turkey & Potatoes

Rocco Sensitive 6 x 400g - Turkey & Potatoes
Categories: Dog, Dry Dog Food
Brand: Rocco
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All the advantages of Rocco Sensitive food for dogs with food allergies or sensible stomachs at a glance: Only one source of animal protein and one kind of carbohydrate Excellent for dogs with allergies to particular food components Well-suited for stomach and digestive tract problems Hypoallergenic Gentle diet for skin and fur problems Does not contain preservatives Rocco Sensitive is a well-balanced full diet for dogs with special nutritional needs. This tasty meal is made from carefully selected proteins and carbohydrates designed to reduce the chance of a reaction to the food. Each Rocco Sensitive recipe contains only one source of animal protein and one source of vegetable protein. This helps reduce the risk of allergies and intolerances. Since dry food may trigger allergies if mites manage to contaminate the food, we recommend feeding sensitive dogs only high quality products. You can offer your pet a healthy and gentle daily menu right to his taste! The following varieties are available: Lamb with Rice: Exclusively lamb and exclusively rice for 100% digestibility! Gluten-free! Chicken Potatoes: Exclusively chicken and exclusively potatoes for 100% digestibility! Grain- and gluten-free! Game Pasta: Exclusively game and exclusively pasta for 100% digestibility! Turkey Potatoes: Exclusively turkey and exclusively potatoes for 100% digestibility! Grain- and gluten-free! No Formed Meat Meat isn’t all the same. Rocco Sensitive contains no formed meat and is made by using only fresh meat. It’s guaranteed free from animal by-products, meat meals (e.g. bone meal) or vegetable proteins (e.g. soya) or other fillers. No Pork Each flavour variety of Rocco Sensitive contains only one type of meat. Guaranteed! No Chemical Colourings, Flavourings or Attractants Rocco Sensitive only uses fresh meat of the highest quality and forgoes all chemical additives such as flavour enhancers, artificial colour, and artificial preservatives. The especially gentle cooking process preserves Rocco’s healthy nutrients and strong meat flavour. German Product For the production of Rocco dog food, only faultless products from German producers are used. Please note: Articles 46853.4, 46853.5 and 46853.6 are not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.