Integra Protect Diabetes - 1.2kg

Integra Protect Diabetes - 1.2kg
Categories: Dog, Dry Dog Food
Brand: Animonda Integra
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One of the most common diseases in cats is diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder that results in chronic elevation of blood sugar levels. This high blood sugar means that the cells no longer have enough energy available, which results in a breakdown of muscle tissue and fat. There are many causes of diabetes, though it often stems from being overweight. Common symptoms include increased food and water intake, progressive weight loss, and increased urine output. In addition to medical treatment, it is important to switch to an appropriate and specifically adapted food. Integra Protect Diabetes dry cat food has been specially formulated to suit the dietary requirements of cats with diabetes, and helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level. The recipe has a protein content of more than 45% of the metabolisable energy and works to promote healthy muscles. It contains a very low level of carbohydrates and is absolutely grain-free, making it well suited for cats with grain or gluten intolerances. The salmon oil provides important omega-3 fatty acids, while the green-lipped mussel powder supports healthy joints. The specific combination of minerals works to reduce the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate stones. Integra Protect Diabetes Dry Cat Food at a glance: Complete dry food for cats with diabetes Helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level High protein content: over 45% easy-to-digest protein, helps to support strong muscles Reduced carbohydrate content: helps to avoid spikes in the blood sugar level Grain- and gluten-free: formulated to be well accepted and easy to digest Dietary fibres: support a feeling of fullness and cover your cat’s nutritional requirements Salmon oil: for healthy skin and a glossy coat Helps to dissolve urinary stones: mineral content works to prevent the formation of struvite and calcium oxalate stones Green-lipped mussel powder: for healthy joints and joint cartilage Free from sugar, soya, or artificial additives In case of doubt, please see your veterinarian before feeding.