Hill's Science Plan Puppy

Hill's Science Plan Puppy
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Brand: Hill's Science Plan
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With the right food, your puppy can get the best possible start in life. Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Medium with Lamb Rice is a balanced dry food that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of growing medium breed puppies, with an optimum nutritional profile. This Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Medium with Lamb Rice dry dog food is exceptionally delicious and will be well accepted by many puppies. It has a balanced mineral content, which can help to ensure healthy bone growth as well as supporting strong bones and teeth. The puppy food contains high-quality protein to support to growth of lean muscle mass. Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Medium with Lamb Rice also contains DHA from fish oil, which can support the healthy development of eyes and brain. It is made without the use of any artificial aromas, colours and preservatives and is suitable as a daily complete meal. Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Medium with Lamb Rice at a glance: Dry food for medium breed puppies Healthy growth: tailored to the needs of medium breed puppies Balanced mineral content: can support the building of strong bones and teeth With DHA from fish oil: contributes to the development of healthy eyes and brain High-quality protein: can contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass Immune system strength: can help to support bodily defences Very tasty: high acceptance amongst many dogs Recommended by veterinarians Free from artificial aromas, flavourings and preservatives Optimum nutrient intake Balanced content of vitamins and minerals, as well as high-quality digestible ingredients for improved nutrient intake. Strong bones and joints The calcium-, fat- and calorie contents have all been tailored to ensure gradual growth, helping to support the development of bones and joints. Supports muscle development Optimum content of high-quality protein and L-carnitine can help your puppy to grow big and strong, achieving an ideal bodyweight. Healthy development With DHA from fish oil for normal development of brain and eyes.