Hill's Science Plan Puppy

Hill's Science Plan Puppy
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Brand: Hill's Science Plan
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In order to help your small, sweet puppy grow up into a strong and healthy adult dog, it is vital that you choose optimum nutrition for the first year of life. Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Small Mini with Chicken has been specially developed for use during this life phase. The dry food is suitable for small breed puppies and provides your dog with everything it needs to to develop properly and fully. This Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Small Mini with Chicken dry dog food contains an optimum nutrient profile with a balanced mineral content. This can help to support the development of strong bones and teeth. Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Small Mini with Chicken also contains high-quality protein, contributing to the growth of muscle mass, whilst fish oil offers DHA to ensure healthy eye and brain function development. The kibble is also enriched with a special antioxidant complex to strengthen the immune system, with extra small pieces that are ideal for small breed puppy jaws. Hill’s Science Plan Puppy 1 Small Mini with Chicken at a glance: Dry food for small breed puppies Optimum nutrient profile: tailored to the needs of small breed puppies Tailored mineral content: can support the growth of strong bones and teeth, as well as overall healthy development With DHA: from fish oil, to help promote healthy eye and brain function development High-quality protein: encourages the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass Antioxidants: contains a special antioxidant formula to help strengthen the immune system Small kibble: perfectly adapted to the jaws of small breed puppies Tasty flavour: well accepted Recommended by vets Free from artificial aromas, colourings and preservatives For more information: Hill’s Science Plan Wet Dog Food