Greenwoods Economy Pack 2 x 12kg - Beef with Lentils, Potatoes & Carrots

Greenwoods Economy Pack 2 x 12kg - Beef with Lentils, Potatoes & Carrots
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Brand: Greenwoods
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Greenwoods Complete Dry Dog Food Economy Pack 2 x 12kg at a glance: Grain-free recipes Complete dry food for adult dogs Less is more - just a few, select ingredients What’s on the bag is in the bag, nothing more, nothing less Meat: Top quality protein from a single source of meat Veggie: 100% vegetarian Made in Germany Time for a feast! Greenwoods Adult Grain-free Dry Dog Food is available in 2 x 12kg Economy Packs at a great price. Choose from these delicious flavours: 2 x 12kg Beef Beef Hooray - Beef with Lentils, Carrots Potatoes 2 x 12kg A Whole Lotta Lamb - Lamb with Potatoes, Spinach Cranberries 2 x 12kg Ready, Steady, Turkey - Turkey with Sweet Potatoes, Peas Pumpkin 2 x 12kg Good Veggies, Good Vibes - (Sweet) Potatoes, Peas, Carrots Spinach 2 x 12kg Insects with Potatoes, Peas Fava Beans So what’s so special about this kibble? Each variety contains just a few amazing ingredients, carefully chosen to provide your dog with a mouthwatering meal. Choose from meat or veggie: the meat varieties contain just one source of animal protein and absolutely no grain. And the veggie version is guaranteed 100% vegetarian, and is also totally grain-free. Each variety contains none of those nasty artificial additives or fillers, only natural, nutritious goodness that will make your dog’s heart sing. We’re totally committed to getting each and every recipe just right. Because you adore your dog. And we do, too. So show your canine companion some love - dry dog food doesn’t have to be dull. Be your pet’s best friend. Give them Greenwoods - it’s simply great. Find out more about Greenwoods Dry Dog Food.