Animonda Rafiné Mixed Pack 12 x 100g - 4 Varieties in Jelly

Animonda Rafiné Mixed Pack 12 x 100g - 4 Varieties in Jelly
Categories: Dog, Wet Dog Food
Brand: Animonda Rafiné
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The mixed saver pack of Animonda Rafiné offers your cat a sophisticated variety of different flavours. The meals contain a high proportion of tasty meat, combined with lots of delicious sauce, to give your cat an exquisite taste sensation. The recipes are very natural, and contain no soya, sugar, artificial flavourings or preservatives, and are free from any flavour enhancers. The saver pack contains four different varieties so that you can be sure your cat won’t get tired of seeing the same food every day. These balanced meals give cats all of the nutrients they need to live a healthy, active life. Animonda Rafiné Mixed Saver Pack at a glance: Delicious wet food suitable for all adult cats Very high meat content: to provide high quality energy In a delicious sauce or jelly: for a great tasting meal No sugar or soya Free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavour enhancers Four different flavours for variety at mealtimes With taurine: for improved heart and eye function Balanced and complete food In practical fresh pouches for optimum portioning The 4 Varieties with Veal Poultry Mixed Saver Pack contains: 3 x with Turkey, Veal Cheese 3 x with Chicken, Duck Noodles 3 x with Beef, Goose Apple 3 x with Veal in Gravy The 4 Varieties in Jelly Mixed Saver Pack contains: 3 x with Veal in Tomato Jelly 3 x with Turkey in Carrot Jelly 3 x with Lamb in Herb Jelly 3 x with Chicken in an Egg Coating The 4 Varieties in Gravy Mixed Saver Pack contains: 3 x with Turkey Lamb in Creamy Yoghurt Sauce 3 x with Salmon Shrimp in Herb Sauce 3 x with Beef Noodles in Tomato Sauce 3 x with Poultry Beef in Cheese Sauce