48 x 85g Gourmet Gold Wet Cat Food 36 + 12 Free!* - Tuna Ragout (48 x 85g)

48 x 85g Gourmet Gold Wet Cat Food 36 + 12 Free!* - Tuna Ragout (48 x 85g)
Categories: Dog, Wet Dog Food
Brand: Gourmet
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This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 1184999.xx (.xx = variant identifier). Cats are true gourmets. They appreciate great tasting food, but they also enjoy a variety of flavours. Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout is available in a wide choice of different, exciting flavours, all made with premium ingredients for a delicious, unforgettable taste experience your cat will love. Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout contains tender strips of beef, chicken, salmon or other irresistible ingredients combined with a touch of delicate sauce. Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout is a complete, balanced wet food that is tailored to meet 100% of your cat’s daily nutritional needs. Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout offers sheer pleasure with every mouthful! Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout at a glance: Complete wet food for all cats With high-quality ingredients to make each tempting flavour variety a delicious taste experience Complete and balanced: meets 100% of your cat’s daily nutritional needs In delicious sauce that even fussy cats will love Fine strips Please note: Articles are not available for delivery to Northern Ireland. More information on the individual varieties including ingredients and feeding recommendations can be found here: Gourmet Gold Cat Food * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular. We cannot guarantee availability of these items. The images used in this promotion are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. Out of stock promotional items are no longer available for purchase.